We help household-name companies, all over the world, to think bigger. We do it by setting them up to get game-changing data and analytics from their brick and mortar spaces.


This is a journey we can take you on from start to finish – from consultancy and design, through implementation and deployment to providing analytics platforms, maintenance technology and ongoing support technology. Or, you can turn to us for part of it, to provide hands-on expertise or training and consultancy to support your teams.


When you partner with ASH, you empower your space, your teams, your strategy and your business.


Getting results for companies across the world

We’re experts in location analytics and digital twin technology – and we support companies across multiple sectors and geographies to think bigger. Our Field Services teams are second-to-none and go the extra mile to make sure you’re completely satisfied.

Location analytics

Get website-like analytics from your brick and mortar spaces.

Digital twin

Streamline costs, strategize effectively and boost productivity.

Where we came from

ASH was established in the late 90s by our CEO Alison and our EVP, Robin. At the time, Robin worked for a US-based professional services firm – and Alison was consolidating services at a global utilities company.


Together, they saw a gap in the market for a thorough field service outfit that would act as a partner to its clients, empowering everyone in the process to achieve more and get bigger results. ASH was born – and its first clients were both Alison and Robin’s former employers.


Fast forward to today. The technology has advanced – and ASH has always remained one step ahead, helping our clients to think bigger and achieve more. And this now means we’ve developed our own software and analytics offers that allow our clients to empower their spaces, their teams, their strategy and their business.


Both Alison and Robin have always been driven by technology and business and finding ways to advance them. Robin is at the forefront of the industry, leading his teams to design and deploy networks and digital solutions across the globe.


Alison drives the evolution of ASH – spurring us to bring innovative products and processes to market, and cementing our position as a thought leader in our space.

Living ASH’s values

Our brand values of agility, connectedness and excellence shape the way we work and deliver. We’re nimble enough to take a calculated risk – and we’re agile enough to see when our clients – and the market as a whole – needs new products and services. We align ourselves with our clients, connecting you to opportunities. And we’re always seeking to improve, learn more and support our clients in ways that leverage our core competencies and differentiators. 

We’re big thinkers – and when you come calling, we inspire you to think bigger too. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, so we’re ambitious on your behalf – and we push ourselves to deliver the very best. We’d love to hear from you and inspire your teams to think bigger and see bigger results.


Alison Ashurst


Robin Ashurst

Robin Ashurst


Margaret McWhirter

Director of Client Empowerment

Madilynn Peck


Chief Experience Officer

Corey Minish

IT Director

Slav Petkovic

Data Scientist

Sonia Sykes

Sonia Sykes

Operations Director

Matthew Brierley

Matthew Brierley

Field Services Director

David Savage

Commercial Director

Mark Woodley

Business Development Manager

Heidi Hutchins

Director, Strategic HRM


Could you help our clients to think bigger? We’re always looking for passionate, skilled talent to join the team.