Our Offer

Across the world, we help organizations in multiple sectors think bigger about their spaces, their teams, their strategies and their businesses. We do it by digitizing their spaces to optimize operations – which reveals game-changing insights that drive performance and profit.


Our end-to-end networking offer spans technologies including location analytics and digital twin. And it features world-beating products and services. From consultancy and design, all the way through to deployment and ongoing support, we’re here to empower your business.


Our outstanding project management, technical support and field service teams consistently go the extra mile to help you get big results – powering deployments to happen at scale and at pace.


When you partner with ASH, you’re joining forces with a strategic-thinking team that actively seeks out opportunities so you can get big results.



Consultancy from ASH

Our expertise sets your deployments up for success. We can carry out independent audits and recommend the best technology for your goals, design solutions and manage your vendors.

Professional services

We are known throughout the industry for the extraordinary high quality of our professional services. Our field service team is second-to-none, providing experience, care and meticulous attention to detail. Our technical services team offers remote support, pre-configuration and a highly experienced approach to design. Then across everything is our project management team – whose industry-leading processes take your deployment to the next level. Our professional services teams work hand in hand to make your deployments fast and accurate – at impressive scale.

Game-changing products from ASH

Empower your business, understand your spaces and the ways your teams, customers and visitors use them and want them to be, with products from ASH. Deploy occupancy management solutions to create the best experiences for your visitors – and to empower your teams with real-time information that can help them make decisions and take action. Our proprietary data analytics platform gives you the ability to drill down to fine detail, identify trends and take action to improve customer experience and boost margins. Our products have been designed to meet the needs of diverse businesses – from pop-up experiences through to grocery chains of hundreds of buildings.