Location Analytics Solutions Design

Getting game-changing results from location analytics is much more than being able to install hardware. It’s about having deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations of a range of technologies, a true appreciation of physical space – and the ability to deliver location analytics solution design that gets you the very best results.


We bring all these perspectives together in one powerful offer – giving you the most actionable insights, reduced TCO and the technologies that are right for you.


You need data and analytics that can help you boost your margins, hike up the value of your space and give you a competitive advantage. 


But expenditure has to be managed. And the data and analytics you generate have to be accurate and reliable. All of these aspects have to be right for location analytics to work well for you. 


With our experience, thinking and dedication on your side, you’ll hit the sweet spot – getting the results you need while reducing TCO and delivering results.

Your teams will be backed up with accurate data – informing their decision-making in real time. Your space will be working harder for you and be safer than ever. And your strategy will be dynamic, allowing you to pivot quickly and assess impact immediately.  


Design tools that work for you

You need to get the maximum coverage from the minimum number of devices – and when you partner with ASH, you can. We’ve developed an approach called Device Placement Design (DPD™) that allows us to get outstanding results with minimum investment. It’s an approach that lowers your TCO and greatly enhances your ROI.

Understanding your space

We’ve been deploying technology across wide brick and mortar portfolios for more than 20 years. We understand how your business operates on the ground and we know the physical realities of your networks.


This means our designs are based on real-life usage and needs, giving you the ability to think bigger about your space, your teams, your strategy and your business.

Product agnostic

We suggest the technologies we think will work best for you. We’re not tied to any particular suppliers or partners and can give you completely independent advice.

Location Solutions Analytics

Location analytics solutions design that gets results

When you partner with ASH, you get design that allows you to think bigger about your business. We create solutions that work perfectly for your space – and give you the data and analytics that power your business thinking and strategy. And when you partner with ASH, you can be sure that we’re designing for the long term – legislating for any changes you may need to make in the future.