Independent Audits

You need to make sure you’re getting optimum performance out of your technology assets – and the best results from them. When you partner with ASH to independently audit your location analytics solution, you know you’re working with experts who’ve got your back. 


We interrogate your solution and sensors, analyze their performance and give you meaningful and actionable feedback on them. We’ll determine accuracy levels – and share recommendations for optimization with you. 

Auditing people tracking

We help you think bigger about the capabilities of people tracking, auditing the technologies you already have in place – and suggesting how they could work harder.


Our proven design capabilities mean we can reduce your overall TCO – and help you to create location analytics approaches that will empower your spaces, your teams and your business.

A reputation for accuracy

We have the highest accuracy rates in the business – and when we audit your space, you can count on us to be pushing beyond industry standards. We want to see optimal device placement and performance – and clear, crisp actionable data.

Improving efficiency, reducing TCO

Here’s the thing. Many “experts” in this field simply follow a one-size-fits-all formula and try to get maximum coverage by installing as many devices as possible. And this usually means that your current set-up isn’t as effective as it could be. 

We’ve developed the most efficient approach to design and deployment in the industry. Which means we have a proven benchmark to measure your location analytics against. 

We help clients across multiple sectors to reign in cost, improve accuracy and efficiency – and get game-changing data and analytics as a result.