Advanced Route Mapping™

Location Analytics gives you the data you need to understand occupancy levels. Combine it with Advanced Route Mapping™ from ASH – and you reveal in-depth, granular detail about visitor journeys throughout your space.


Integrate Advanced Route Mapping™ to understand how people navigate between points of interest in your space, the time it takes them to do it – and what they do on the way.


Advanced Route Mapping is customizable and can help you to understand what your customers want – and how to design your space to give them exactly what they need.


Understand visitor and customer behavior

Use location analytics to understand how many people are in your space. Then integrate Advanced Route Mapping™ to get the fine detail of what they’re doing while they’re there.


Understand the routes they take, the places they stop and the activities they engage in between points of interest. Define metrics for Advanced Route Mapping™ to monitor – and then get the data and analytics you need to empower your space, your strategy and your teams.

Advanced Route Mapping™ to empower your space and teams

You want to create spaces that are pleasing, efficient and safe. When you integrate Advanced Route Mapping™ into your anonymous people tracking approach, you can surface the data and analytics to do just this.


You can see where people stop and backtrack. You can see if they stop to use sanitizing stations or look at wayfaring. And then you can tweak your layout to make sure people flow is moving as you planned – and visitors are finding your space easy to navigate.


When you make your space more efficient – and the experience of using it more intuitive for visitors – you empower your teams too. They spend less time helping visitors to find their way – and more time building an even better brand experience.

Empower your strategy and your business

Advanced Route Mapping™ gives you unparalleled strategic insight. Use it for planning and continuous improvement to:

Advanced Route Mapping™ is available as part of these ASH products

Each of these products from ASH features integrated Advanced Route Mapping™. Check out which best suits your needs – or contact us for advice.

Maintain a safe flow, integrate with security technology, provide a world-class experience.

Upsell analytics to tenants

Advanced Route Mapping™ surfaces valuable, business-critical insight and analytics. Which means you can incorporate them into enhanced offers for your tenants – helping them to leverage the data to improve their offers.


You simply set up the metrics you want to measure, and then provide your tenants with regular reports.