BY UP TO 50%


Having anonymous people tracking data and analytics at your fingertips is game-changing. It helps you think bigger about your space, your teams, your strategy and your business. But you’ve got to make your location analytics solution as efficient as possible – and you’ve got to get the cost of the deployment right. Which is why we developed DPD™.


DPD™ – Device Placement Design – is our proven methodology for guaranteeing maximum coverage from the minimum number of devices. It’s an approach that we’ve used in hundreds of sites, across thousands of sensors, saving clients millions of dollars. 


It’s a truly globally scalable solution. Put in the hands of any competent installer, it’ll ensure the job is done right first time.


Different by design – DPD™ is a core competency of our offer – and you can only get it from ASH.


Getting it just right

You want sensors in your space to generate highly accurate, actionable insight that’s going to allow you to think bigger and achieve more. And this means they must be placed in exactly the right locations.

When you partner with ASH, we use the DPD™ to calculate with laser precision exactly where sensors need to be to get the very best results. This means the designs we propose are highly efficient and tailored exactly to your space.

Reducing TCO by up to 50%

DPD™ allows us to create designs that use fewer devices. This brings costs down considerably – often by as much as 50%. In one deployment alone, our efficient approach saved our client $2m in inventory and recurring SaaS costs, compared with other solutions.

And reducing TCO isn’t the only benefit of designing with DPD™. Field Services teams love it, because it lets them know exactly which components relate to points of interest – so they can get the job done right first time. And it’s scalable, so every single one of your sites benefit.

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Reducing risk and empowering teams with the DPD™

Through deployment and beyond, your DPD™ plan becomes a permanent asset in your management systems. You can use it as a component of your schematics to inform maintenance and remodelling – and as a scope of work for field services teams.

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Beyond people tracking solutions

The DPD™ can also be used to deploy WiFi networks and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to deliver the same benefits: Strategically placed devices for greater coverage and accuracy.