Imagine how much bigger you could think for your business, events and experiences if you knew exact visitor numbers, the times they came and left – and the groups they formed while they were with you?


It can mean knowing where and when to deploy teams, when to time openings or events – and it can help to keep your customers and visitors super safe too.


With InstaTrack™ from ASH, you don’t need to commit to a large-scale tech deployment to get the benefit of real-time visitor data. InstaTrack™ is our plug-and-play mobile solution – which can be up and running in your space in a matter of hours. And if you contact us today about Instatrack™, you could be benefitting from the data and analytics it generates within days.



Quick, easy –
and incredibly effective

InstaTrack™ features an easy-to-install gateway that we fit to your existing entry and exit points. Integrated with the gateway is a sensor that sends information directly to your TruTraffic™ analytics dashboard.


Use the real-time data it generates to empower your teams on the ground – and dig into TruTraffic™ historical data and predictive analytics to power your strategy.

So many ways to use InstaTrack™

InstaTrack™ may be easy and quick – but it packs a powerful punch. Generating real-time and historical data – and analytics, InstaTrack™ could soon become your secret strategic weapon. 

Accurate visitor numbers

Know exactly how many people are in your space and when they are there.


Keep visitors safe and deploy teams where they’re needed when you understand in real-time who is in your building.

Group and gender breakdowns

InstaTrack™ gives you information about groups of visitors and gender identification. It can also differentiate between visitors and staff, or even adults and children.

Mask compliance

Check whether visitors are wearing masks – and set up non-compliance alerts.


A low-commitment way to try anonymous people tracking

InstaTrack™ gives you an easy way to dip your toe into the world of anonymous people tracking – and all the benefits it can unlock for your organization.


People tracking insights and data from ASH help you to think bigger about your offer – empowering your space, your teams, your strategy and your business.


Here at ASH we help organizations across the world to empower their teams, improve their space, strategize more effectively and achieve more than they ever thought possible.


It’s even available on a lease model to support temporary solutions.