Occupancy Manager™

There’s never been a more critical time to know your occupancy levels. In real time – so you can keep spaces safe and know when you’re near capacity. And over days, weeks and months, so you can predict, plan and pivot. Occupancy Manager™ from ASH gives you total capacity management control.


Occupancy Manager™ from ASH is a low-cost, easy-install solution that sends real-time data from your sensors to any device. Which means you can know instantly how many people are in your space – and where your teams are needed.

Get on top of the numbers

Already have sensors?

Installing and deploying Occupancy Manager™ is a breeze. It can integrate with existing sensors and sends data to any device you nominate. You set the parameters – depending on the size of your space and staffing levels – and we do all the technical set up.

Yet to deploy sensors?

No problem. Our clients include some of the biggest retailers and REITs in the world. We can deploy sensors in your environment, rapidly and cost-effectively.


Occupancy Manager™: Adding value now and after the pandemic

Gearing your space up for advanced people counting and analytics gives you a commercial advantage – right now and into the future. Occupancy Manager™ allows you to deploy resources more efficiently – which means you can concentrate on delivering an excellent experience.

Occupancy manager image

Occupancy Manager™ AT WORK

Front-of-building traffic light displays

Let customers and visitors see at a glance whether to wait or walk right in.

On your website or intranet

Show the red / green alongside local information on your website. Office-based workers can check occupancy levels and decide whether to work from home. And if customers want to shop at quiet times, they simply check online.

PDA and mobile phone displays

Give your managers the real-time information they need to deploy teams where they’re needed. We can build in an amber light to alert colleagues when your space is near capacity.

Get your teams back inside

Let your building and its sensors manage occupancy – freeing up your teams to come back into the building.

No more one-way traffic systems

When you have Occupancy Manager, you don’t need one-way systems or separate entry and exit doors. You simply let your building do the counting for you.

SmartDistance Logo - yellow on pink

Get the SMARTDISTANCE™ logo on your door

Reassure customers and visitors that social distancing is being strictly and accurately monitored. When you have Occupancy Manager™, you can display the SMARTDISTANCE™ logo on your door.