Creating Safe Spaces

You want to do the best for your teams, your customers and your visitors. But you may be concerned about the resources you’ll need to keep your spaces spotlessly clean – and your people protected.

This is where technology can do some of the heavy lifting. Anonymous people tracking can help you to:

The technology can be as simple or all-encompassing as you need it to be. And as well as keeping your teams, spaces, customers and visitors safe, you can use anonymous people tracking to give you game-changing analysis and insight into your business.

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These are just some of the ways anonymous people tracking technology can help you to think bigger about creating safe spaces in response to the global pandemic.

Occupancy traffic lights

Traffic light systems outside your buildings can alert people to occupancy levels. Not so busy inside? Green. Super-busy? Red. Let people decide quickly when the time is right to enter.

Managing outside queues

Let your sensors do the counting – so your teams can come back inside.

No need for one-way systems

If your sensors are doing the counting, you may no longer need one-way systems through your space.

Monitor mask wearing

Configure the system to identify compliance with mask wearing rules.

Monitor safe distancing

Are people adequately spaced? Let the technology automate alerts so you can take action if necessary.

Monitor sanitizing station use

Are your sanitizing stations being used? Let the technology tell you.

Clean bathrooms per number of visits

Get an alert when a predetermined number of people have used bathrooms – and go in to clean.

Integrate with other safety technology

You can integrate anonymous people tracking data with information from other safety technology – like temperature-scanning kiosks.

Alerts to hand-held devices

Configure the technology to automatically alert teams when action is needed.

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We have a range of products and services that can help you to manage your Covid 19 response. We have solutions that take just hours to deploy – as well as strategically-aligned offers that can help you to stay safe and drive value.