Self-checkout Analytics

Your customers have a lot of demands on their time – which means they want to get in and out of your store as quickly as possible. And for many of them, this makes self-checkout (SCO) the obvious choice. When you partner with ASH to incorporate self-checkout analytics into your management dashboards, this becomes reality.


With data and analytics at hand, you can transform your self-checkout areas into spaces that customers really appreciate and return to again and again.


Partner with ASH to reduce abandonment and shrinkage, empower your teams and keep evolving your self-checkout areas in line with customer expectations.

Dynamic data for self-checkouts

We bring you the products, services and expertise to make a radical success of your SCO offer. We design and deploy the whole solution for you – so that you can measure and analyze these and many other metrics:

This insight will empower your teams, your space and your customers – and allow you to create friction-free, in-store experiences

Give your teams the real-time data they need to allocate resource, intervene and take action – and give them the insight to challenge perceptions and improve customer experience directly. And because you can collect and compare data from every store, it becomes easier for your teams to benchmark performance and understand how their store is faring in comparison to others.


When your teams are able to respond directly to what the data is telling them, wait times and abandonment can be reduced, shrinkage can be stamped out – and customers get in and out faster.

Quickly generate in-depth understanding of what customers like and dislike, what removes friction and what creates it. Know if SCO customers are in groups and understand gender divides. Use the technology to measure intent – are they using shopping carts, baskets or neither. Understand utilization by format – and bring in data from other sources, such as EPOS. All this gives you the power to pivot, and to design SCO spaces that customers appreciate and come back to time after time.

No-one likes waiting around. And everyone likes to know that the brands they trust are looking after them. So when you use location analytics technology to keep queues moving and make spaces convenient, your customers will love you for it.

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Integrations to empower customers

Integrate SCO analytics with apps and voice assistant capability to give your customers on-the-go information about wait times and SCO availability.


When they’re deciding whether to pop into your store, they can ask their voice assistants what wait times are like. And as they’re walking through the aisles, they can check on an app if queues are flowing.

Products and services to power SCO