Smart Lobby

Having people flow easily and efficiently through your lobby creates a pleasant, efficient and safe environment – not to mention an instant impression of a business that’s easy to work with and cares about its teams and visitors.


We’re world leaders in using people tracking technology to make spaces safer, cleaner and more efficient. We can design and deploy solutions that help you understand how people are using your lobby – and that give you the data and analytics to help you:

With Smart Lobby, you gather deep insight into your occupancy levels, the routes teams and visitors take through your lobby, where they congregate and how long they take to move through. Is your environment performing as designed? If not, what impact will change have? Smart Lobby has the answers.

Monitor the flow: Empower your teams

We design and deploy solutions to help you understand how many people are entering and exiting your space, the groups they are in, gender of visitors – and compliance with mask wearing.


Discrete sensors at entry and exit points show you how many people are in your lobby at any time – and our Advanced Route Mapping™ technology will show you the routes they are taking through your space.


The system can send automated alerts to your teams in real time if numbers exceed pe-defined levels – letting you know that you need extra staff in reception or security staff in the lobby. And if unexpected people are in restricted areas, you’ll know and you’ll be able to act immediately.


Understand people movement: Empower your space

A Smart Lobby system from ASH will also give you an easy overview of historical data via our intuitive TruTraffic™ dashboard. This powerful tool gives you the analytics to see the routes people are taking and where they’re hanging around – which gives you the ability to understand if wayfaring is working well and if routes are obvious enough.


It also helps you to identify elevators or escalators that may be in need of an upgrade or maintenance. And it measures the efficiency of assets like turnstiles, ticket machines and kiosks.

What’s more, it allows you to deploy teams where demand is greatest. Are there people waiting for concierge assistance? Is someone struggling to get through a revolving door? These are all great examples of where automated alerts can help you deliver a fantastic visitor experience.

Smart Lobby

Make your lobby work for you: Empower your strategy

A lobby is a strategic piece of commercial real estate. It gives a vital first impression of an organization. It can also be an ideal place to further improve tenant experience and monetize – with the addition of coffee stands, Amazon lockers, pop-up marketplaces and even classes and activities.


With Smart Lobby, you’ll know the most strategically advantageous places to site new lobby features – and you’ll have the data to prove their viability and value.

Smart Lobby: Empower your business

With deeper understanding and analysis of the ways people use your lobby, you can strengthen relationships, provide better services – and increase the value of your space.

How Smart Lobby works

Smart Lobby combines cutting-edge technology with ASH big thinking to give you a powerful solution. We assess your space, use our proprietary DPD™ to reduce your TCO then deploy with a zero-snags guarantee.


  • Independent audit
  • Risk assessment
  • DPD™ designed
  • Engineers trained
  • ASH Project Management Office controls the whole deployment
  • ASH Technical Support teams on hand with remote support
  • View analytics in configurable TruTraffic™ dashboard

Who we support with Smart Lobby

Smart buildings

Across the world, ASH is deploying people tracking and digital twin technology in smart buildings.


We help owners of landmark buildings, malls and commercial real estate to push up the value of their investments.


Hospitals, clinics, care and rehab facilities use Smart Lobby to keep spaces safe. And late and missed appointments are reduced by empowering wayfinding apps.

Architects and fit-out specialists

Architects can use Smart Lobby technology to help them plan rebuilds and refits - and temporarily measure results and impact after completion.

Property and facilities managers

Using Smart Lobby data and analytics helps property and facilities managers to improve experience and optimize operations.