Place TruTraffic™ from ASH – our proprietary data and analytics platform – at the heart of your operations.


TruTraffic™ analyzes data from your people tracking sensors – and can integrate it with other data sources. Truly customizable,  it can be set up to surface the data that is strategically important to your organization, creating metrics that are important to you and your teams.


The platform features a self-service analytics dashboard that generates regular reports across your whole portfolio of sites – and issues real-time alerts to your teams on the ground. And you can rely on TruTraffic™ to give you constantly-updating, accurate data. We only impute data on request – that’s what puts the “Tru” in TruTraffic™. With drill-down capabilities, your teams can assess the impact of particular marketing campaigns. Or HR can integrate workforce management systems to create a staff-to-demand approach. You can also add EPOS data to enable conversion rate optimization.


Which means you can have the confidence to use the analytics to empower your teams, your space, your strategy – and your whole business.


Real-time alerts for teams on the ground

The TruTraffic™ platform can be configured to give your teams real-time information about:

Which means your teams can be exactly where they’re needed, can deal with issues immediately – and provide the best possible experience for the people using your space.

See TruTraffic™ in action

Drill down into TruTraffic™ for detailed, real-time insight…

TruTraffic™ insight: Strategic gold dust

As well as real-time alerts, the TruTraffic™ platform aggregates data over time, providing in-depth analysis and predictive analytics. Which opens up a whole world of possibilities for your brick and mortar business.


Use the data to understand:

Then identify friction points, opportunities and risks – and take action to enhance the experience for your visitors, customers, tenants and teams. To get even more from the TruTraffic™ platform, use it to integrate data from other sources and identify even greater opportunities.

Completely customizable

Set up the metrics that are most meaningful to you and your teams – and integrate data from other sources, including sales, products, staffing levels and marketing campaigns.


TruTraffic™ is made to work for you, surfacing the data and analytics that will make the biggest impact to your performance.

TruTraffic™ for design

Designing your space so that it best meets the needs of the people who use it becomes much simpler with data generated by TruTraffic™. Use it to understand what people want, what they avoid and what confuses them. Then take a data-driven approach and create spaces that are truly designed for their users.

Monetize your data

Offer TruTraffic™ insights to your tenants as an enhanced benefit – giving them the data they need to improve the service they provide in your space. You can also use TruTraffic™ reports to prove value and potential.

Let ASH manage your whole location analytics approach

We work with some of the biggest names across a wide range of sectors, giving them the location analytics capabilities that allow them to think bigger about their businesses.

Who is using TruTraffic™?


Insights from Location Analytics systems featuring the TruTraffic™ platform are helping retailers and the FMCG sector across the globe to increase their margins and provide world-class experiences.

Smart buildings

TruTraffic™ gives managers and owners of smart buildings the insight to take action and boost value.


With the ability to dive deep into their people tracking data, REITs use TruTraffic™ to empower their strategies and tenants.


Healthcare providers across the world turn to TruTraffic™ to give teams easy ways to provide safer environments – and head offices the insight to strategize effectively.

Places of worship

Religious leaders who want to build attendance and keep their spaces safe use TruTraffic™.

Restaurants, bars, hotels and gyms

Leisure and hospitality destinations create even better experiences with TruTraffic™.

Visitor attractions

Only the best experiences succeed. With TruTraffic™, museums, galleries, theme parks and attractions keep their edge.

Property and facilities managers

Providing brilliant experiences pushes up value – and TruTraffic™ helps facilities managers to do this.



Independent audit

Risk assessment

DPD™ designed

Engineers trained


ASH Project Management Office controls the whole deployment


ASH Technical Support teams on hand with remote support


View analytics in configurable TruTraffic™ dashboard.