Field Services

One of the many reasons we’re able to provide you with a hands-off experience is that we have our own outstanding field services engineering teams.

Identifying the need for outstanding field services is actually one of the things that inspired us to form ASH. We set the standard for predictable pricing, thorough practices and outstanding on-site work – supported by detailed reporting that gives you up-to-the-minute progress. We customize our approach for each client, training teams up front so that we can deliver globally, at scale.

Our field services teams have boots on the ground across the UK, EU, USA and Canada – and we work with partners in other areas of the world who adhere to our meticulous standards.


Field services for an integrated offer

Our field services teams are trained, motivated and highly professional. Like everyone at ASH, they care about your business and helping you to be able to think bigger. 


We work in harmony with your business, causing zero disruption. We’re thorough and courteous and work to the very highest safety and technical standards. And this brilliant quality comes at highly-competitive rates.

These are just some of the deployments our field services teams can achieve for you… 

Location Analytics

Network infrastructure and WiFi

Our teams can deploy business-critical hardware across your estate with zero down time, standardizing to support your organization for the long haul. 

And whether you want WiFi for customers – or to offer mobility to your teams, we can empower your IoT to deliver.

Multi-skilled technicians

Our engineers are highly qualified – and they can support you with a range of capabilities, including structured cabling, device installation and system checkout.

Working hand-in-hand with our project managers and technical support teams, they deploy rapidly and accurately – with a more than 95% right-first-time rate.

Field Services header

An important part of our heritage

We’re an unusual – and valuable – organization. We can deliver the whole journey – from design and consultation all the way through to exceptional deployment. And we do it with industry-leading approaches to risk management, project management and transparency.


So we’ve always been proud to offer strong engineering teams – and it’s true to say there are strands of engineering DNA running all the way through ASH.


These strands are important because they give us the practical understanding to know what will work, the insight to understand risk and mitigate it – and the hands-on approach that means you’re just as likely to speak to our CEO as our project managers, operations or technical specialists when you call.

Partner with the industry leaders

Achieving wide-ranging projects on time, on budget – with zero snags or downtime. This is what you get when you partner with ASH.


We’re network experts who specialize in location analytics and digital twin technologies. And what makes us dynamite to work with is that we set the bar in scale and pace delivery.


In the hands of our highly experienced and qualified teams, our robust processes guarantee that you’ll achieve on-time, on-budget implementation – with no snags, compromises or downtime.

Our consultancy teams design approaches to get you the lowest TCO. They recommend technology, carry out environmental assessments and audits, train teams and manage vendors – setting the stage for perfect delivery.

Our technical service teams preconfigure all devices and equipment and create documentation so deployment happens.

Our field service teams work in your space, deploying expertly and meticulously, with the full support of our technical and project management teams.

Our project management office truly sets the bar in our industry, ensuring right-first-time deployment, clear communication and continuous de-risking.

Scale and pace delivery – our skilled teams and robust processes are a force for on-time, on-budget, zero-snag multi-site delivery.