Project Management

At ASH, project management is a highly-performing machine. Throughout our 20+ years in business, we’ve been constantly developing, improving and expanding our Project Management Office (PMO) and approach. Customer centricity, accuracy and getting it right first time is baked into our culture. So it’s no surprise that we take risk management to a new level too. 


Our PMO is run by dedicated Prince 2 practitioners who pride themselves on delivering the fastest and most accurate deployments in the business. They manage scope, time, budget and quality – keeping rapid, wide-ranging projects on track.


Which means we consistently hit every ambitious target for you, can deliver at scale and pace – and get knock-out results. It’s project management, but super-charged.


Project management:
The cornerstone of our integrated approach

Planning, coordination, resource allocation – our PMO is on top of everything. They document each stage, create libraries of relevant documentation and execute plans rigorously. Which means when you partner with us, you can be sure your deployments are fully managed.

Our project managers put your interests first, reducing your operational spend wherever possible – and bringing down TCO. Our PMO can take charge of the full deployment – or work in partnership with your delivery team, upskilling and augmenting their capabilities.

All our project managers are certified to practitioner level, and they can be involved at all stages of a deployment – from feasibility stage through to delivery and closure.


These are just some of the deployments our project management teams support…

Managing risk every step of the way

As well as managing RAID logs and carrying out risk management workshops, we literally map out every stage of each process so that we can identify and mitigate risk. 


Getting it right first time matters to us, so we’ve become exceptionally good at managing risk – anticipating it and flushing it out of the process. 


This is what allows us to deploy accurately at such exceptional pace. We don’t hit bumps in the road, because we’ve already anticipated and removed them from the process.

Total Transparency

Total transparency

As our client, you’ll get total transparency – with real-time visibility of progress, along with regular reports so you know exactly what’s happening at all times. You get regular reports, showing progress across sites – and allowing you to drill down into any fine detail you require.


Peace of mind is a benefit that’s rarely talked about in our field. But we know how much you have riding on each deployment – and we make sure you have nothing but restful nights and eager anticipation when we work with you.

Powerful delivery, zero snags

When you partner with ASH, you team up with an organisation that’s honed service delivery to fine art.  

Our field services, technical services, project management and consultancy teams work hand-in-hand to deliver seamlessly, using proprietary processes that we have developed over decades. 

It’s an approach that puts you and your organisation’s needs first. We start small – developing a proof of concept. We train our teams to understand and work within the specific requirements of your business, brand and spaces. And then we go in hard – deploying at scale and pace. 


It all means you get the technology, analytics, support and big thinking you need to take your organisation further – in exactly the timescales you want. 

Our consultancy teams design approaches that are about getting you the best TCO. They recommend technology, carry out risk assessments and audits, train teams and manage any vendor teams – setting the stage for perfect delivery. 


Our field services teams work in your space, deploying expertly and meticulously, with the full support of our technical and project management teams. 


Our project management office truly sets the bar in our industry, ensuring perfect, first-time-right deployment. 


Our technical services teams are on hand to trouble shoot, solve issues and can pre or re-configure remotely across multiple time zones.