Digital Twin

Across the world, more and more businesses with physical assets are recognizing the huge potential of digital twin technology.


A digital twin is a virtual representation of a space and all the assets within it – and it pinpoints with laser accuracy many details your planning, maintenance, project management, IT, compliance and financial teams need to work with. 


A digital twin can be a tool for planning, designing, strategizing, forecasting, managing risk and maintaining compliance. Or in other words, it can become a central component of your business’s operations – empowering you to think bigger and achieve more.


Digital twin:
How it works

A digital twin gives you the ability to explore and work within a space, without ever leaving your desk. To create one involves two broad stages:

Both aspects of creating a digital twin benefit from the meticulous, trained eye of engineering and technical specialists. Which is why we offer both services at ASH.

Digital twin capture services

Digital twin capture service involves using highly-sophisticated technology to produce ultra-high-resolution, floor-to-ceiling images. These representations capture, with laser accuracy, the location of every single feature and asset of your space.

ASH field services techs understand exactly what to capture and – with the 24/7 backing of our project management and technical services teams – are a powerful force on site.

Digital twin asset tagging

We offer thorough, detailed, digital twin asset tagging services for companies across the world. And powered by our in-house project management and technical support teams, we work at scale and pace.


We integrate digital twin asset TAGS into your virtual reality platforms to harness business-critical information. This gives you a superpower when it comes to physical asset management – offering revolutionary ways of working in your space, and having your space work for you.

digital twin

Partner with the industry leaders

Achieving wide-ranging projects on time, on budget – with zero snags or downtime. This is what you get when you partner with ASH.


We’re network experts who specialize in location analytics and digital twin technologies. And what makes us dynamite to work with is that we set the bar in scale and pace delivery.


In the hands of our highly experienced and qualified teams, our robust processes guarantee that you’ll achieve on-time, on-budget implementation – with no snags, compromises or downtime.

Our consultancy teams design approaches to get you the lowest TCO. They recommend technology, carry out environmental assessments and audits, train teams and manage vendors – setting the stage for perfect delivery.

Our technical service teams preconfigure all devices and equipment and create documentation so deployment happens.

Our field service teams work in your space, deploying expertly and meticulously, with the full support of our technical and project management teams.

Our project management office truly sets the bar in our industry, ensuring right-first-time deployment, clear communication and continuous de-risking.

Scale and pace delivery – our skilled teams and robust processes are a force for on-time, on-budget, zero-snag multi-site delivery.

Who we support

With more than two decades’ experience of digitizing brick and mortar spaces, we offer digital twin support to a wide range of organizations – and for a variety of purposes.  


Retailers, grocers, hospitals, transport hubs – and many more besides – are all incorporating digital twin into operational and strategic approaches.


Real Estate Investment Trusts use digital twin to highlight opportunities, mitigate risk, introduce efficiencies and boost value by the square foot. Revolutionizing tenant and visitor engagement.

Architects and quantity surveyors

Planning, project management, cost control and delivery are all smoother with digital twin.

Property and facilities managers

With data at their fingertips, property and facilities managers can identify opportunities, predict maintenance, attract great tenants and boost value.

Digital twin:
Saving time and money

The benefits of asset tracking are wide-reaching – and they all make your operations more efficient and strategy more effective:

Asset tracking puts information about all your connected devices at your fingertips. If you need to know the exact location of cabling, connections and equipment – you simply look it up. The information is linked to a dashboard – which can also give you intel on lifecycle stages of assets, firmware versions and the XY coordinates of assets you have in the field.

Need to know the location of one single aspect of your network? You could either pore over existing documentation from different teams to find the last known good record and then realize it’s out of date, and have to send a tech to site to try and find it. Or, if it’s tagged and tracked, you could locate immediately and reconfigure it remotely.

Tagged and tracked devices and network components are easy to locate, either remotely or in person – so you’re not paying for hours of investigation and location time. Or worse still, a revisit because an asset couldn’t be located first time.

Want to know which devices are on which sites? How old they are? Which versions of firmware they’re running? When your assets are tracked, finding out takes seconds.

With asset tracking, there’s no longer a need for expensive multi-stakeholder and supplier meetings. Instead, the database holds all information on progress – so meetings and any adjustments can be carried out remotely.



We are about to launch a highly-effective digital twin TAG System. If you would like to know as soon as it’s available, please get in touch. We’ll make sure you’re amongst the first to know.