Smart Buildings

Your space can be so much more. It can be more intuitive. More exciting to be in. Better to work in. More valuable to the people who use it – and the people who own it. 


When you bring ASH onto your team, you’ll have the power to understand your spaces like never before. You’ll have the people counting technology and data to know which routes are over (or under) used. To make your spaces safe. To identify areas for improvement. Even to become more energy efficient and meet your sustainability targets. 


ASH puts the tech and data at your fingertips – so that you can unlock the true value of your real estate. 

  • Understand occupancy rates at all times
  • Prevent bottlenecks and keep spaces super-clean
  • Integrate IoT devices for a truly intuitive user experience
  • Have your spaces think for themselves – powering down when people aren’t present
  • Let your building tell you when meeting rooms are free
  • When facilities need cleaning
  • If congestion is occurring
  • And if people are in restricted areas
  • Pinpoint opportunities to improve facilities
  • Identify and remediate issues quickly
  • Understand trends and patterns of use
  • Grow the value of your space


We empower organizations and businesses across the world to think bigger about their spaces. We do it with game-changing network, location analytics and digital twin solutions. We design and deploy curated people-tracking solutions – and integrate software, apps and Data as a Service.


We’re known across the industry for our outstanding ability to deploy at scale and pace. So if you need to rapidly implement programmes across estates of hundreds of locations, talk to us. We’ll get your project right first time, on budget and to your timescales.


We help you to think bigger about your organization by giving you the infrastructure, insights and tools to do more. Our highly-effective approach greatly reduces your cost of ownership. And we’ve honed scale and pace delivery to a fine art – so we can deploy across hundreds of locations, on budget, on time with zero fail rate at launch.


Discover more about scale and pace delivery – as well as our products, services and consultancy.

We’re a passionate team that cares. So we get it right first time, in the most future-ready and cost-effective ways.

People counting and analytics for businesses, REITs, property and facilities managers

Whether your business is renting a space – or whether you own or manage a space for other people – we can help you get more from it with location analytics. 


We work alongside you, translating your objectives into simple, scalable strategies that give you game-changing, value-enhancing, insight and data. 

Maintain a safe flow, integrate with security technology, provide a world-class experience.

The ASH difference

We’re network experts who specialise in location analytics and digital twin. And when it comes to deploying rapidly across hundreds of locations, it’s an unrivalled customer experience. We have the reach, capability, the processes and attitude to deploy at scale and pace. You can delegate the whole project to us… or have us deliver critical aspects of it.


We’re networking specialists with deep experience in location analytics. We get maximum impact using the minimum number of devices – which means you get the lowest TCO, setting you up for strategic success.

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Thousands of devices to deploy across multiple locations in double-quick time? We’re the team you need on your side. We set the industry standard for scale and pace delivery – and we guarantee right-first-time deployment, on budget and on time.

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Use our customizable tools to drill down into your data and reveal game-changing insights relevant to every team member. Understand how to boost your offer and think bigger.

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