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Think you need a permanent venue for people tracking? Think again…

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Everything is dynamic these days, it seems change is the only constant. When we saw a trend in clients looking for temporary solutions, we had to dig deeper. It became apparent there was a growing need for a temporary people tracking solution, one that could be mobile, instant and  robust. But there was nothing in the market available to meet this need. So, we created InstaTrack™.


This allows clients to gather the same granular level of data from their temporary venue, which can be analyzed long after it’s been packed up and rebuilt in another space. With real-time information, clients are able to make instant decisions that deliver a big impact. If you’re operating a pop-up shop for the holiday season, for example, it’s tailor-made. You can even anticipate trends using historical data from permanent sites. Leaving you free to create memorable experiences for your visitors.


Not only were we able to produce a specific infrastructure to support the mobile solution, we went on to customize a structure to house the technology – making it truly mobile. Clients could close an entrance and switch the solution to another point of interest, or react to interest in a product on the day, and move the structure to measure where their expertise intuitively told them. All done without a tech visit – just a quick call into our Service Center.

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The results are an empowered work-force, doubly important especially for temporary staff. An informed strategy, able to create a blue-print for success built on accurate data. And spaces that work hard for you and your visitors for the duration of your event. Setting the bar for future experiences and set you up for success.


Developing InstaTrack™ in 2019 would prove serendipitous for us. In creating this mobile solution, we unwittingly prepared ourselves for what would become our Occupancy Manager™ solution in 2020. Our COVID-19 response to support public spaces in measuring occupancy in real-time to handle reduced capacity. 

Want to find out more about people tracking for temporary spaces? Get in touch with us today.

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ASH is here to help you think bigger.

About your space – and how it could be working better for you. About your teams – and how you can empower them to make the small decisions that add up to huge savings and improvements in user experience. And about your strategy – with data-driven insight that empowers you to innovate, identify opportunity, pivot and stay ahead of the curve.

When you partner with ASH, you empower your business.

We design and roll out the technical infrastructure that empowers your building to think for itself. Have your spaces know when they’re nearing capacity. Or when staff are needed. Or when facilities need to be cleaned. Or queues need to be managed. Free up your teams and let the technology grow the value of your space.

Have your system feed real-time data to your front-line teams, allowing them to take action and allocate resource. Empower your teams with information and trust – and watch customer experience and team loyalty flourish.

Dive deep into the data easily and seamlessly to pinpoint opportunity – and zoom out to see big-picture trends. Have laser-sharp information at your fingertips so you can understand, predict, pivot and progress.

When you partner with ASH, you can think bigger and be bigger. We bring you the infrastructure, analytics and thought leadership to take your business to the next level. 

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